wumpusfiles (wumpusfiles) wrote,

This town is weird....

I am starting to be scared of this town. I was driving around today to go to work and it's as if a redneck parade wandered in. I actually saw a man in broad daylight sporting a mullet!?! What the hell, this man has balls. If I was back in my old neighborhood, this man would be terrified and ashamed to go into public. This is as it should be damn it.
Then, I ask, hat is the suitable limit to body odor. Do you people like your roobs? Why don't you tell your nasty bohemoths that wearing a holy 'wife beater' and loose fitting open silk shirt doesn't hold in the smell you permeate. Also, since when does walking in the fuckin mall cause a person to sweat that profusely!?! I had a guy stink up my store so bad today, the smell hung out after he left. I'm guessing the smell is its own entity, and want to continue lookin at the porn.
Oh and lets not leave out the rednecks who bring their girlfriends into the store and force them to hang out as they look through said porn titles. I know that it is sometimes okay to do this with your better half, but only when she invites it fellas, not when you gotta a hankerin for boobies that aren't hers. I often wonder how these 'people' find love in the first place outside their own sideshow..uh family.

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