wumpusfiles (wumpusfiles) wrote,

Oh what a good time i had....

Well the annual "EIGHTEEN DAYS TILL TRAVIS' BIRTHDAY" celebration happened yesterday, or as some call it Independence Day. I had a great time. I got to hang out with my friends and light off explosives...lots of explosives.
I like the Washington grade firework much better then the ones in California. The fireworks here are actually packed with some level of gun powder, and not just phosphorous and magnesium. Even though I like the sparkling fountains, don't get me wrong. But if I can feel the concussion blast from a few feet out, then brother that's the firework for me.
As I said I had a great time and I would like to thank my friends once again for the invite. Good times were had, a rocket nearly went up my ass, someone's foot did, I had a ringing in my ears that didn't go away quickly. Yup good times were had.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED: SPIDER-MAN 2; Yes friends Spidey's back, and this time the world of Peter Parker goes ever so dark. rather quickly into this excursion we find that Spider-Man/Peter are not having the best of years. Peter is too drained to handle real life, and his alter ego can't seem to get things right with anything. Too many times in this film I my emotions roller-coastered by watching Pete's depressing life unfold. If he got a moment of happiness it was quickly shattered by his 'Quad-Polar' love interest Mary Jane. She loves him, she loves him not, she loves him, she's marrying someone else? What the hell is her deal? Does she secretly work with Doc Ock to turn Spider-Man evil by ways of sexual frustration? I mean Christ, this girl was more indecisive then Kerry on world issues.
But hey speaking on Ock, hasn't Alfred Molina gone a long way from "Give me the idle, I'll throw you the whip."? He @#$%ing rocked as Doctor Octopus. The man read his comics to be sure, as I think it is a contract thing Sam puts to his actors? Alfred played the demented scientist to a t, as he swung his CGI limbs about at our favorite wall crawler.
One thing I'm waiting for in the next film is for Pete to go on TRL and tell the whole fucking planet that he is Spider-Man. Reason being, that in this film half of the city seems to know, and he's not trying too hard to cover his tracks. I mean come on this guy is wanted by most of the cops in the city, and he just leaves his DNA encrusted suit in the trash. Oh and lets not forget the pointless 'I'm taking off my mask to stop a train' moment. Luckily it was filled with the only honest New Yorkers in the whole area.
When he gets the suit patched up, I hope he leaves a detailed IF FOUND tag on the inside of the mask. This would include of course name, age, address, day time number, closest living relative,etc. etc.
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