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So today was Akumas' first trip to the vet. Also it was his first time outside since I received him a week ago. Well the usual problems of putting a cat in a box, then going ANYWHERE occurred. He yowled as soon as I put the car in gear to back out of the driveway.
So we head down the road a bit headin to his check up, when suddenly, out of nowhere a teenage girl and her boyfriend come swinging into my lane. I swerve quickly to the left trying to avoid a collision. But alas, I was not fast enough, and once again Bullseye(The car) lived up to her name.
My back panel got dinged which completes the scrape that already exists along the right side of the car. I slowed down and let the girl get along side me, where I motioned her to the side of the road. Conveniently there was a sheriff right at the bank where we stopped. Also another guy who saw the whole thing left me his number. It couldn't of been better for me at the time.
Unfortuntely I forgot to check on Akuma, who during the confusion, wrapped his collar around his neck. When I got back to him minutes later he had managed to drool almost all the liquid out his little body.
I have to say I haven't been that scared in such a long time. I thought of a few minutes that he was worse of than he actually was. I couldn't say sorry to him enough for leaving him unattended for those few minutes, also not checking to see i he was yowling about something other then the box he was in.
Good news however, Akuma is alive and well. He weighs 2 pounds, and is in good health. On another note he also appears to be blaming me for the whole days occurances. He keeps giving me this look of either 'how could you' or 'you bastard'. Anyway the day was eventful, and as I said to my friend,"I'm gonna need a day off from my day off."
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