wumpusfiles (wumpusfiles) wrote,

Just been a day of rest.....

Well the week has come to a close, and I feel better. I had a good day off today. I spent it in classic form just hanging out with no real agenda.
It was cool to just hang out with my friends and do nothing all day. I forgot however that one of the other guys i know wanted to do something, but hey I never heard from him so no big deal, not like I'm going anywhere.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED:KING ARTHUR;Ah yes we found new evidence of the Arthur legend....lets bore the people with our findings. It seems that in all the hurry to crank out another telling of the Knights of the Round Table, they forgot one key element...action, drama, and a whole lot less padding to the script. Don't get me wrong the character development was good. At least with the knights, everyone else was narrowed for time. It just seemed like a rush job, mainly with the charcters and their sorted interactions. Like Guinevere and Lancelot, it started to show that they liked each other, but it was quickly ignored. They threw up a half assed version of how Arthur obtained EXCALIBUR, no lady o' the lake, no merlin. Oh yeah in this story Merlin is seen as a villain who is trying to take back the Britain's from the Romans....what the hell are the Romans doing here is the next boggle!?! Just because the story is set back in the early hundreds, we are to assume that Arthur and the knights are dealing with the Roman empire. What's next we find new evidence that showed Arthur traveled through Transylvania, so we can put fucking Dracula in the mix?
I do have to say the whole THREE fight scenes were pretty cool, except for what I'll call LET DOWN: ON ICE. But hey all in all its Jerry, and Clive, and Keira(Hitting people, firing arrows at people, and generally being a bad ass). So I have to like on some level.
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