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Today is my Birthday, bow down before me!!

If you've been keeping up with current events, today is my birthday. it is the one time of the year where I can practcally do whatever the hell I want, and it is okay.
It was cool I woke up two minutes before I was offically born. It wasn't on purpose, it was just a coincedence.
Well today is weird, I don't feel any older, but I do feel differant somehow. Not sure on what that feeling is yet. I guess I have to go through today to find out.
Anyway, so far I recived a small representation of Narsil from my friend Karen. It is a replica of the place where Narsil lay in the movie before it was reforged. I thought that was neat to get, even though I don't belive hat presents make a good birthday. To me I feel that having people around to share in the fun is more important. On that its kind of a bummer that my family could not be here to have fun with me today.
I called my brother, and he couldn't make it in from Seattle. My parents live about a thousand miles away, so they obviously can't make it. This will be my first birthday without my family being around. That kind of sucks.

So as I will say to all on this day, I will be excepting presents and spankings, and not in that order.
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