wumpusfiles (wumpusfiles) wrote,

So this is what its like to write while under the influenece?.....

Well I had a great time tonight at the club BIG EASY. I thought the line to get in was total bullshit, making us wait almost half an hour, but when I got in it was pretty cool.
I met up with my friends Karen, and Becky as soon as I entered. It appeared that Becky drank elsewhere, so I had to play catch up. My total wa 3 shots of Taquila and 2 heinekens. But I was less drunk than Becky.
Her friend Angel, who shares the same birthday as yours truly, was a bit more lit than the both of us. She is the first person I have ever seen to be cut off from the bar. Poor las was chopped down at the right time. However I don't agree with the company that she keeps. To each her own I guess, but not in my country.
Becky was cool, she dances very well. Actually she dances better drunk than I do buzzed. Which isn't sayin much but I had to give credit where it is due. I figure she got home alright. At first I worried, but she was with my friend Karen. So I know she was ok.
Right now I am working off the alcohol that I consumed, so I'll be damned if spell check be used(Too bad Becky, not gonna check). I tried to clean the kitchen, it's what I do when I'm drunk. Some people hit, others sleep with strangers, I clean. I know I have the wussy drunk behavior, I guess I got it from my mom.....Bummer.
Anyway I had fun tonight, I really liked hanging out with Becky. She is a lot of fun even when she's lit off her ass.
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