wumpusfiles (wumpusfiles) wrote,

Is it wrong to feel good over others misfortunes?

Well I have had a great week. On Sunday I discovered that quiet intimidation woks on others. Yep I found that is't not necessary to yell and posture agressively at one's opponent.
To explain, I was at work with, well lets just call him 'Oregon', and I had a little talk. Ya see 'Oregon' is the type of guy who makes a good plan that involves teamwork, but lacks in the execusion i.e I do all the work. This does not fly in Travis Country. This makes the natives restless, and so I gave him a piece of my mind.
This consisted of a lot of "This shit don't fly", "I'm not here to take your job but...". Also it seems that I am quite good at reeling him in as he tries to escape the onslaught. 'Oregon' tries to pass me off with the "Okay, yeah...sorry..", then bolting....I say NI. So after a few minutes beating this into his head, we came to an understanding...an understanding that escaped him the very next day.
While we were working yesterday, he was so focused on not screwing up around me, he screwed up on the stores tasks. So today when I came in, still not liking the fact I was going to work with 'oregon', I found that he was written up. Ah it was like X-mas had come early. I have a new found faith in the world that proves that assholes really do get pinched.
But I walk away feeling a bit out of sorts. Should I be happy that he is steps away from being fired? Is it right to laugh privately at one's misfortune? I guess it's not, but hey I needed a good laugh.
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