wumpusfiles (wumpusfiles) wrote,

Pain is in th form of Hilary Duff.....

Until today, I thought that Karen could do me no harm. Well it seems that she has a sadistic side that I have never seen.
Last night I discovered before going to bed that she placed a poster of Hilary Duff on the door in my room. Lets just say that Ms. Duff is not the women I want to see before turning off the lights. After the screams and shock wore off, I took to 'altering' the picture, and sending it back to its' owner. I left it in the hall in hopes of sharing my reaction with Karen. However it seems that the poster fell before anyone could see it.
So now instead of being kind on Karens' birthday, its time for pay back. I have already gone out to get her 'present', and officially fire back in this war....Crap she's here by for now.
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