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I had a great time this weekend. I went out again with my friends to check out some of the local night spots in the area. We started out at the PUB CLUB, which in my opinion is not a pub or a club. I'd call it a dive, but the dive people would get mad at me. I spent about ten minutes in this place before the others showed up. I checked it out, dance floors no bigger than this room, the bar was covered in the clearly hopeless, and the bathroom was a great place to get to know your neighbor. I mean I've seen prison cells more accommodating.
Well needless to say we vacated pretty damn fast, and made it back to the BIG EASY. You remember me talking about this place, I was piss drunk when I wrote about it. Anyway, I stayed relatively sober this time out. I wanted to just hang out with my friends, and not have to stop the fun by feeling sick. I do have to say that the time spent was a lot more fun, Angel didn't get booted, there was no bastard fifth wheel to bother me. Okay the D.J. sucked major ass, and he damn near lot the crowd on more than one occasion, but at least I got to dance for a bit.
While I was there I kind of...well you see I sort of...asked Becky out on a date. It was a good moment I'd have to say. It started with me, well thinking about it the whole damn day. Then when we were dancing and hanging out I kept waiting for the right time to approach her with the idea. Well the "right time" showed itself in the form of some liberal(I'd say gay) fella by the name of John...Jacob..Jason...ah who the hell cares he was a poor desperate man(We smell our own, hee hee)who was hitting on my girl.
So I went up to them, with a little goating from the sidelines, and managed to get her off to the side. So yes I finally got the nerve to ask Becky out on a date, which is something I have been trying to get myself to do for awhile now. I just think she is a lot of fun to hang with, she's really funny(even when drunk), not to mention I think she's kind of hot.
Oh at the end of the night we had to pull Angel out of the room. I thought it would be funny to carry her out of the club, so I did. I got to about to the entrance, when I missed a step and came crashing down to the floor with Angel still in my arms. Luckily she wasn't hurt by my little stunt, but I suffered a twisted ankle. However I wasn't about to have that wreak my day. I still got to see everybody off safely, and get home okay.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR; I waited twelve years, twelve YEARS only to see the baddest group of hunters get slapped around like a prison bitch for two hours! Where in the process was it a good idea to dumb down the Predator, and make the Alien the bad ass huh. Okay to explain this futuristic epic...Wait two months down the line is when the movie takes place, so I use that term loosely. Well it seems that we find a pyramid out in the middle of Antarctica where a, you guessed it, treasure seeking thrill junkies go to investigate. Their leader is the famous undead actor Lance (Please send money) Henrickson. During our journey we come to find out that the temple is actually a place where the Predator have a 'passage into manhood' hunt, with the Alien being the prey of choice. I felt the temple, even though intricate, reminded me of the house in the remake of THIRTEEN GHOSTS. It just felt like the temple shifted to move the story forward, as if to push its players into the various ACTS. I hated the fact that the Preadtor couldn't handle one stupid Alien drone. One took out two Predators, and don't give me that "their young" crap. If they were going there in the first place they were ready to hunt. Also why is it in the cross over genre does the human girl always have to come out on top, why can't we just have the two aliens fight it out. Personaly I liked how it turned out, but why didn't the Predator hunting party make the girl a member of the clan if she's all big bad ass as the film made her. I'd just like these titles not to go FREDDY VS. JASON, ALIEN VS. PREADTOR, they should have it be what we are going to see. HUMAN GIRL OUT SMARTS BOTH PARTIES, MAKING THE WAIT TO SEE THIS FILM A FUCKING JOKE. I know its in our ego to have the human be the champion, but look at the odds, only a hack could come up with a writer attack that could shift the favor to the human. If I wanted to see the human win they should of put her on the title card.
On the lighter side I did get to see, effects wise, what I've been waiting so long for. The Predator effects were updated, and even went along with Cameron's the Alien can't be seen in infra-red. then of course there were the toys the Predator used on its victims. I thought the giant throwing star was a nice addition,but the shoulder cannons were a bit hoakie this time out. Also I got to see a Pred-Alien, a geek concept made popular by the books, and games.
However they used it in the wrong fucking place. Now to say where it is would be breaking my rule on endings. I'll just say watch BRIDE OF CHUCKY, they basically ripped off the ending to that piece of shit. I just hope the obvious sequel will be the story I read a decade ago, and won't be as rushed as this one felt.
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