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Today in the store I witnessed a three year steal candy. I can believe that the child had a moment of "It's here, and in my reach why not.", and that is not what's bothering me. However the fact that I caught this kid red handed and the parents did the unthinkable.
To give more detail on this I have to retell the event, you'll know when it is time to turn the page when you see my blood pressure rise...like this. Okay, I see the child with a mouth full of mints and the container sans the plastic wrap. So I walk up to the mother, and ask if they could check their daughters pockets for the plastic wrapper. I quickly get the defensive mother who sternly exclaims" She's only three years old and she doesn't even have pockets to put a wrapper in!?!" To which I point out that the little girls dress has two big ass pockets on the sides(Point for me). The husband walks up to see what is going on,I explain that I belive the girl may have stolen some of the candy out of the container which is now in my possession, and kindly ask one of them to check the pockets. He does and sure enough we find the missing wrapper.
I know the girl is three and probably wasn't taught that it isn't right to steal. How do I know this? Time to turn the page kids, cause this is a doozy! The husband quietly tells the now sobbing girl that "Stealing isn't cool.", and I think that that is all that will be happening. But wait, just as think they are gone, the family comes back into the store, the husband puts the girl on the counter, and pays for the candy.....Oh you think they are making nice with me don't you...NOPE he instead turns and gives the candy to THE LITTLE GIRL!!!!
Yeah that's right folks good old new age parenting, if your kid commits a crime, and is caught then it ok to give them a reward. These parents are the same ones who go on the news, and in rallies dumbfounded on why their kids are drug dealing drop outs.
This kind of thing makes me want to slap the parents for being that fucking stupid.
I'll tell ya if my mom caught me doing that in a store, you bet your ass I'd get an ass kicking right there for the whole town to see. Not get whispered to, then given a treat?
If that wasn't bad enough while the family was in the store they had the balls to ream me out about the SPIDER-MAN merchandise. Namely the shot glasses that are on our display. I'll tell you now that they don't sell, let alone we don't sell them to kids. How fucked do you think we are at my store? Yet who are they to teach me anything about the moral treatment of children, their harboring a future COPS inductee. Some days I just don't get it.
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