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So the re-re-re-re-(how many are we on?)release of the un-holy trilogy reared its ugly head on tuesday. I for one join a great group of people that absolutely hate this shit! So it seems that when uncle George screwed with this vision to make another billion the first time around, he wasn't completely done painting over the Mona Lisa.
THAT'S RIGHT KIDS NEW AND IMPROVED STAR WARS, NOW WITH MORE C.G.I., AND ANAKIN SKYWALKER!(original actor playing Vader not included)What is this crap!?! I can see improving the effects to hold up the standards that ILM has set for years, but do we really have to change things again. I feel real bad for the actor who plays Vader, now no one will know he was even in the film due to Hayden Christianson being edited over this poor sap.
At least the Jar-Jar rumor stayed a rumor. I think I would of found the nearest ledge and jumped if that horror appeared in episode 4. But hey while on ep. 4, could we change Jabba anymore? Why don't we just go with the original actor that played him in the 70's? Come on Lucus just decide that the first way was best bring back the old series with the new Jabba. You obviously can't make a decision on what to do, why stop there?

On another note, this time coming from the world of theater, it appears that one of my beloved childhood films is going musical. I have heard over the wire that LAST STARFIGHTER is becoming a show stoppin, dance inspiring, happy music fest. What the bloody hell is that!?! You guys couldn't think of doing...I don't know....anything but this? It reminds me of the FRIENDS episode where Joey did that horrid play where he played a space man looking for love. I want to hear the music that comes from this pile of excrement. What could they possibly sing about. Alex trying to leave the trailer park? The hardships of being a Beta Unit? The pesky spy that has his head melted? WHAT!?! All I have to say is that Robert Preston has to be turning over in his grave.
I just watched that movie today, and it still stands up as a good sci-fi 80's adventure. For its time the effects were cool, and not to mention I still haven't seen a ship that rivals the Gun-Star's firepower. This just makes me ill that the theater community is trying to be 'hip', and not just sticking to their guns.
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