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Universal Tests

Monday, June 27, 2005


Had the coolest dream I've had in a long time last night. I was flying through a vast open landscape. The feeling was differant than any other time I've flown. This was way more intense, like I could actually feel the power of the turns and the force of the movement.
I know it sounds weird. But I felt like I was free, if only for a second. I miss the feeling of being able to do things, and not feel worried about what happens next. I think the dream was trying to tell me something. I think I should try to feel that way all the time.
Now I'm not sayin I'm gonna run into traffic and play games with the cars. But just be able to stop worrying over the little thiings. If I was to have a problem, that would be it. I recently told someone that when I try to talk, I mean really talk to someone I freeze. Its like a lump in my throat that never goes away. That my friends is worry, and it has been the puppet master for too long.
I'm just not sure if I can keep it going once I start. Have to try though, I'm too tired of fighting. It actually takes more energy to hold it in then realese it. Even though that is what I hear, it has to be true.

Anyway, I had to get that out of my head.


If ever there was a film that stressed how bad it is to live with a roomate, this is it. Ok, in this training video for the twisted we have innocent Brigette Fonda, who looks for a new roomate after she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Quickly after a montauge of freaks that audition, she picks out psycho-hottie Jennifer Jason Leigh. The two have yet another montauge of getting to know each other, because lets face it, we want to see Jenn get to the killin, and not a bunch of scenes girly bonding. Well due to quick edits we find that Jenn's character is not all there, and is jealous of Brigette. So what should ya do if yer jealous of someone.....that's right become them and get them the hell out of the picture. This of course leads the film down the path of so many films in the genre. we have deseption, cheating, lying, the death of an innocent puppy, etc. etc.
The films climax has so many characters that try to be heroes its sickening. Its as if the writer couldn't figure out who was gonna save Brigette, that he thought "Fuck it, lets give um all a shot!". I swear poor Jennifer has to fend off all of Brigette's friends, including her would be rapist of a boss.
The film is a good tale of having to do background checks before giving someone the keys to the pad. But it quickly lacks originality in the MY BEST FRIEND IS MY WORST ENEMY genre.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Which Polyhedral Are You?

You are the rare, the overlooked, yet incredibly useful dodecahedron: the d12. You are a creative, romantic soul. You often act without thinking, but make up for your lack of plans with plenty of heart. You easily solve problems that stump others, but your answers tend to put you into even deeper trouble. You write long, detailed backgrounds for all your characters, and are most likely to dress up as one or get involved in cos-play. You can be silly at times and are easily distracted by your own day dreams, but are at the end of the day you're someone who can be depended on.

I just got done with this quiz thingy everyone else was doi...oh by the way hi, its been awhile. Anyway, I get done with the quiz, which was fun, and I get the answer above. Too right on the money if ya ask me. I want to know how they looked into my eternal soul while I was answering their questions? Creepy how an internet quiz can tell so much in so few questions.

Wow,been a long time since I've been here *dusts off entry page*. Good to know I still exist on this site, and that I remembered my password. Looked over the last few entries....yeah...d12. That's not a bad nickname for me. I think I should just go back to how it was before I went all temporarily effed.

That's right kids, no more from the 'How I belive the universe is trying to hurt me' files. Just me, my day(To a point), and movie reviews. Yup, that sounds like fun. Seeing as how last time my friends, and a book I was reading said I was going about thangs all wrong....Must...talk...out feelings!

Well I think I'll leave this entry with the return of...

Thank God, a Batman that doesn't have neon, nipples, or Robin. I am so happy with the return to its black on black on everyone's lost hope style for Gotham. In our 6th big screen outing to Gotham, Christian Bale dawns the mask as the cities protector Batman. The boy does him justice playing both Bruce Wayne, and Batman as two differant people. Bale who definately watched Keaton one too many times makes us love Batman, and think Wayne is an eccentric asshole.
One thing you must sit through yet again is the origin, or as I like to call it, the day Bruce's mind goes snap. Yup his parents die....again....We see Bruce cry over them in an alley...again. Then to my joy we jump ahead a few years, to see the bitter Bruce Wayne picking fights in the Orient. In short he Qui Gon Jin finds him in a prison, cleans him up, and trains him to be an uber assassin. Bruce says no, Alfred picks him up, cleans him up, and helps him become a well dressed super hero.
Not to give anything else away, I have to say i really love the cast they assembled for the movie. Finally a group of actors in this series that work really well together. None of them going for the spot light, no scene stealing, no Jim Carey....BRILLIANT!
The story was also told by two guys who are comic geeks, and it shows. Now before ya get on my ass for not blasting them for the little things. Let me say the little things in detail they over looked or embellished on had to be done. The movie is only two hours long, not everything can be done the way it was originally written. There are some character flaws to be sure, but the film would of gone in a bunch of different, less entertaining directions.
Overall I love what the new kids have done with the franchise, and I hope to see more from them with other characters in the future.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


I just spent the evening talking to my friends. I haven't done that in awhile, so it was good to catch up with them. A lot of the time I take the idea of friendship for granted. I usually don't see my friends as a good outlet for getting out my emotions. I usually feel that it is a burden to put my issues onto someone else. But as one of my friends said "If you don't have your family to talk to, you go down the list. That's what their there for."

I would have to say that the bulk of the nights topic(s) centered around my stuff. Which is okay I guess, I don't always get to have the opportunity to speak my mind. I belive that is what is wrong with me...mostly. I found out today that my friends really do care about the way things have been going with me recently. I figured that they should just stay out of the fray, but recent events have in a way put them in no matter how I tried to get them out. Also that what I have written here may have put others a bit off.

I know that what is written here is not really protected. That anyone who knows my screen name can check out the days thoughts at any time. I don't mean to say things that may hurt, or even worry folks. But I feel that sometimes it is the only place where I can speak my mind, and not feel like somebody will reject the way I express myself.

However, I am trying really hard to make sure that if I have a problem, or even a good thought about someone that I talk to that person. It is very hard for me to explain myself sometimes. I feel that the possibility of rejection far out weighs the attempt to communicate. Then it comes down to the only option that I have is making telepathy happen. Like I expect people to know how I feel just by looking at me.
Much like right now, I can type away and babble forever. But the person I need to talk to will never know how I feel unless I talk. Its scary, but life is scary. I just need to learn how to deal.

Thanks guys for the talk, it helped put things in perspective...

Friday, September 24, 2004


So the re-re-re-re-(how many are we on?)release of the un-holy trilogy reared its ugly head on tuesday. I for one join a great group of people that absolutely hate this shit! So it seems that when uncle George screwed with this vision to make another billion the first time around, he wasn't completely done painting over the Mona Lisa.
THAT'S RIGHT KIDS NEW AND IMPROVED STAR WARS, NOW WITH MORE C.G.I., AND ANAKIN SKYWALKER!(original actor playing Vader not included)What is this crap!?! I can see improving the effects to hold up the standards that ILM has set for years, but do we really have to change things again. I feel real bad for the actor who plays Vader, now no one will know he was even in the film due to Hayden Christianson being edited over this poor sap.
At least the Jar-Jar rumor stayed a rumor. I think I would of found the nearest ledge and jumped if that horror appeared in episode 4. But hey while on ep. 4, could we change Jabba anymore? Why don't we just go with the original actor that played him in the 70's? Come on Lucus just decide that the first way was best bring back the old series with the new Jabba. You obviously can't make a decision on what to do, why stop there?

On another note, this time coming from the world of theater, it appears that one of my beloved childhood films is going musical. I have heard over the wire that LAST STARFIGHTER is becoming a show stoppin, dance inspiring, happy music fest. What the bloody hell is that!?! You guys couldn't think of doing...I don't know....anything but this? It reminds me of the FRIENDS episode where Joey did that horrid play where he played a space man looking for love. I want to hear the music that comes from this pile of excrement. What could they possibly sing about. Alex trying to leave the trailer park? The hardships of being a Beta Unit? The pesky spy that has his head melted? WHAT!?! All I have to say is that Robert Preston has to be turning over in his grave.
I just watched that movie today, and it still stands up as a good sci-fi 80's adventure. For its time the effects were cool, and not to mention I still haven't seen a ship that rivals the Gun-Star's firepower. This just makes me ill that the theater community is trying to be 'hip', and not just sticking to their guns.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


No mystery on where this is going kiddies. If you read the last, very angry post, you got a load full of me being totally pissed with a hint of insecurity. Well I have to write today because I feel that I have made a mistake.
It takes a lot for me to admit that I was wrong on many things. Not saying that I think I'm always right, but I just need to calm the hell down and think shit out once in awhile. I just jump the gun when it comes to matters of me opening up to people. If the situation doesn't go well to my standards, then I start to freak, much like yesterday. Now I could go into the fact that communication could have come from the other party, it's a cop out, but a point. However I know how to use the phone and should of been a big boy and sucked up my pride for five minutes. Then maybe I would of realized that we just had a communication problem earlier in the evening.
Funny story, it seems that when I noticed that my date was passing through the parking lot, she did stop and get out. Then she waited outside never once poking her head into the restaurant to see if I was there. This is the exact moment when I decided to sit and wait to see if she was coming in, in turn not poking my head out to see if she was there. So we both sat around waiting thinking that we had been stood up.
After hearing the other side of the story today, I felt like a dumb ass, and still do a little. I know that it really isn't a big deal, but I am embarrassed at my actions. I need to just stop worrying so damn much when it comes to these situations. Also I need to stop being melodramatic, and think rationally before flying off the handle. This will help to keep the positive relationship going much longer, by me not sticking my foot in my mouth.
The thing is that I really like this woman, and I try too hard not to screw up, I feel that sometimes I do, and that sucks. I just don't want her to think less of me, or think that I'm pathetic. I just need to actually talk to her more often, instead of always goofing off, which can be fun, but it doesn't help to get to know her better.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Well I thought that in the course of my life I have been a witness to most all the painful moments life can bring. I've stood my own in fights both verbal and physical. I watched people die, I've been in rooms with grieving people and not shed a tear. Even thought I've been rejected every way possible. Now I know that the before mentioned things are pretty rough, they are a part of life...It doesn't mean that I have to like it.
This brings me to today. I had plans to spend a part of the evening with someone that I find fascinating. Its been awhile since I've met someone who keeps me on my toes, makes me light up just a little just by seeing her walk into the room. Well like I said we were going to go out on a date this evening. It wasn't going to be anything really serious, just dinner, get to know ya stuff, possibly set up to go out again. This is a process that happens everyday.....except to me.
It was cool, I let her pick where to go. Seeing that I know jack about this town's nice places, I figured it would be fun to see where she would take the evening. Just one tiny problem occurred. She stood me up! It was like one of those moments you see but never want to be a part of, the one where you see a person waiting to see someone or something that never shows. Until today that has never been me. I have had my share of bad dates. But at least the person showed up to make it bad, I never had to handle that task solo.
It was an embarrassment that I wouldn't wish on anyone, I didn't know what to do the whole night. I got to the restaurant early so that she wouldn't have to wait alone too long. I found a nice table, sat down, checked over the menu, then waited...and waited...
The worst part of the evening occurred when I saw her finally show, I saw her car, and felt that little spark I mentioned. I thought after the first few moments she was outside having a cigarette perhaps. But I can only guess at this point she bailed almost immediately after hitting the parking lot. Which continued the period of waiting.
I thought that the waitress was nice, even though she gave me the pity look every time she came to check on me. I know your saying at this point 'call her dumb ass.'. The waitress even suggested that, but I left her number with my phone that was back at the place I'm staying(Whoops Sorry I like to not be disturbed). Not that it mattered when I got back I didn't get so much as a 'sorry' on my cell.

Now I could sit back and let this roll off my back as I do most things. But today I'm gonna sit on it for a bit. This was a fucked up situation that I didn't deserve. I am left with the thought of,"If you didn't want to go in the first place then just fucking say so, don't let me feel good about this only to dash me.". I was actually excited to go out with her. I even got over the usual fear that creeps into my head when something like this happens. I trusted her....

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

1:25AM - I JUST DON'T GET IT....

Today in the store I witnessed a three year steal candy. I can believe that the child had a moment of "It's here, and in my reach why not.", and that is not what's bothering me. However the fact that I caught this kid red handed and the parents did the unthinkable.
To give more detail on this I have to retell the event, you'll know when it is time to turn the page when you see my blood pressure rise...like this. Okay, I see the child with a mouth full of mints and the container sans the plastic wrap. So I walk up to the mother, and ask if they could check their daughters pockets for the plastic wrapper. I quickly get the defensive mother who sternly exclaims" She's only three years old and she doesn't even have pockets to put a wrapper in!?!" To which I point out that the little girls dress has two big ass pockets on the sides(Point for me). The husband walks up to see what is going on,I explain that I belive the girl may have stolen some of the candy out of the container which is now in my possession, and kindly ask one of them to check the pockets. He does and sure enough we find the missing wrapper.
I know the girl is three and probably wasn't taught that it isn't right to steal. How do I know this? Time to turn the page kids, cause this is a doozy! The husband quietly tells the now sobbing girl that "Stealing isn't cool.", and I think that that is all that will be happening. But wait, just as think they are gone, the family comes back into the store, the husband puts the girl on the counter, and pays for the candy.....Oh you think they are making nice with me don't you...NOPE he instead turns and gives the candy to THE LITTLE GIRL!!!!
Yeah that's right folks good old new age parenting, if your kid commits a crime, and is caught then it ok to give them a reward. These parents are the same ones who go on the news, and in rallies dumbfounded on why their kids are drug dealing drop outs.
This kind of thing makes me want to slap the parents for being that fucking stupid.
I'll tell ya if my mom caught me doing that in a store, you bet your ass I'd get an ass kicking right there for the whole town to see. Not get whispered to, then given a treat?
If that wasn't bad enough while the family was in the store they had the balls to ream me out about the SPIDER-MAN merchandise. Namely the shot glasses that are on our display. I'll tell you now that they don't sell, let alone we don't sell them to kids. How fucked do you think we are at my store? Yet who are they to teach me anything about the moral treatment of children, their harboring a future COPS inductee. Some days I just don't get it.

Monday, August 16, 2004


I had a great time this weekend. I went out again with my friends to check out some of the local night spots in the area. We started out at the PUB CLUB, which in my opinion is not a pub or a club. I'd call it a dive, but the dive people would get mad at me. I spent about ten minutes in this place before the others showed up. I checked it out, dance floors no bigger than this room, the bar was covered in the clearly hopeless, and the bathroom was a great place to get to know your neighbor. I mean I've seen prison cells more accommodating.
Well needless to say we vacated pretty damn fast, and made it back to the BIG EASY. You remember me talking about this place, I was piss drunk when I wrote about it. Anyway, I stayed relatively sober this time out. I wanted to just hang out with my friends, and not have to stop the fun by feeling sick. I do have to say that the time spent was a lot more fun, Angel didn't get booted, there was no bastard fifth wheel to bother me. Okay the D.J. sucked major ass, and he damn near lot the crowd on more than one occasion, but at least I got to dance for a bit.
While I was there I kind of...well you see I sort of...asked Becky out on a date. It was a good moment I'd have to say. It started with me, well thinking about it the whole damn day. Then when we were dancing and hanging out I kept waiting for the right time to approach her with the idea. Well the "right time" showed itself in the form of some liberal(I'd say gay) fella by the name of John...Jacob..Jason...ah who the hell cares he was a poor desperate man(We smell our own, hee hee)who was hitting on my girl.
So I went up to them, with a little goating from the sidelines, and managed to get her off to the side. So yes I finally got the nerve to ask Becky out on a date, which is something I have been trying to get myself to do for awhile now. I just think she is a lot of fun to hang with, she's really funny(even when drunk), not to mention I think she's kind of hot.
Oh at the end of the night we had to pull Angel out of the room. I thought it would be funny to carry her out of the club, so I did. I got to about to the entrance, when I missed a step and came crashing down to the floor with Angel still in my arms. Luckily she wasn't hurt by my little stunt, but I suffered a twisted ankle. However I wasn't about to have that wreak my day. I still got to see everybody off safely, and get home okay.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR; I waited twelve years, twelve YEARS only to see the baddest group of hunters get slapped around like a prison bitch for two hours! Where in the process was it a good idea to dumb down the Predator, and make the Alien the bad ass huh. Okay to explain this futuristic epic...Wait two months down the line is when the movie takes place, so I use that term loosely. Well it seems that we find a pyramid out in the middle of Antarctica where a, you guessed it, treasure seeking thrill junkies go to investigate. Their leader is the famous undead actor Lance (Please send money) Henrickson. During our journey we come to find out that the temple is actually a place where the Predator have a 'passage into manhood' hunt, with the Alien being the prey of choice. I felt the temple, even though intricate, reminded me of the house in the remake of THIRTEEN GHOSTS. It just felt like the temple shifted to move the story forward, as if to push its players into the various ACTS. I hated the fact that the Preadtor couldn't handle one stupid Alien drone. One took out two Predators, and don't give me that "their young" crap. If they were going there in the first place they were ready to hunt. Also why is it in the cross over genre does the human girl always have to come out on top, why can't we just have the two aliens fight it out. Personaly I liked how it turned out, but why didn't the Predator hunting party make the girl a member of the clan if she's all big bad ass as the film made her. I'd just like these titles not to go FREDDY VS. JASON, ALIEN VS. PREADTOR, they should have it be what we are going to see. HUMAN GIRL OUT SMARTS BOTH PARTIES, MAKING THE WAIT TO SEE THIS FILM A FUCKING JOKE. I know its in our ego to have the human be the champion, but look at the odds, only a hack could come up with a writer attack that could shift the favor to the human. If I wanted to see the human win they should of put her on the title card.
On the lighter side I did get to see, effects wise, what I've been waiting so long for. The Predator effects were updated, and even went along with Cameron's the Alien can't be seen in infra-red. then of course there were the toys the Predator used on its victims. I thought the giant throwing star was a nice addition,but the shoulder cannons were a bit hoakie this time out. Also I got to see a Pred-Alien, a geek concept made popular by the books, and games.
However they used it in the wrong fucking place. Now to say where it is would be breaking my rule on endings. I'll just say watch BRIDE OF CHUCKY, they basically ripped off the ending to that piece of shit. I just hope the obvious sequel will be the story I read a decade ago, and won't be as rushed as this one felt.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

2:16AM - Can't sleep...

It's 2:16 in the morning, and I'm no closer to sleep then I was an hour ago. I hate this feeling, it's the one that looms in the dark when the sounds go away, and you're left with nothing but your unfinished thoughts.
There is so much that I don't have control of, that it sits around in my head with nowhere to go. However it's not all bad. It's like when things go out of control in the way that your life isn't the way it usually goes. So much has changed in the last few months. Sometimes I like the idea that my life isn't as cookie cutter, it makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning knowing that I can't predict everything that is going to happen.
I still haven't found my nitch, I don't know what I'm going to do. I like it and hate it all at the same time. It seems that presently I have become useless. I can't counsel, I can't protect anything/anyone, I don't have a creative outlet other than this site. I just don't have a function in the work world. I hate that, but I like that the option is open for whatever. Ya see this is my problem, I don't have a focus and that scares me.
For the first time I looked at some of my work, and threw it across the room. I was so disappointed in it that I got angry. I don't know if it was because it won't go any further, or that I just gave up for a second. I have never done that to anything that I created, and that includes the ideas I knew were shit from the jump.
Well I feel better know that I've ranted a bit over what's on the surface. Maybe now I can sleep a bit easier....Good night folks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

5:33PM - Pain is in th form of Hilary Duff.....

Until today, I thought that Karen could do me no harm. Well it seems that she has a sadistic side that I have never seen.
Last night I discovered before going to bed that she placed a poster of Hilary Duff on the door in my room. Lets just say that Ms. Duff is not the women I want to see before turning off the lights. After the screams and shock wore off, I took to 'altering' the picture, and sending it back to its' owner. I left it in the hall in hopes of sharing my reaction with Karen. However it seems that the poster fell before anyone could see it.
So now instead of being kind on Karens' birthday, its time for pay back. I have already gone out to get her 'present', and officially fire back in this war....Crap she's here by for now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

1:35AM - Is it wrong to feel good over others misfortunes?

Well I have had a great week. On Sunday I discovered that quiet intimidation woks on others. Yep I found that is't not necessary to yell and posture agressively at one's opponent.
To explain, I was at work with, well lets just call him 'Oregon', and I had a little talk. Ya see 'Oregon' is the type of guy who makes a good plan that involves teamwork, but lacks in the execusion i.e I do all the work. This does not fly in Travis Country. This makes the natives restless, and so I gave him a piece of my mind.
This consisted of a lot of "This shit don't fly", "I'm not here to take your job but...". Also it seems that I am quite good at reeling him in as he tries to escape the onslaught. 'Oregon' tries to pass me off with the "Okay, yeah...sorry..", then bolting....I say NI. So after a few minutes beating this into his head, we came to an understanding...an understanding that escaped him the very next day.
While we were working yesterday, he was so focused on not screwing up around me, he screwed up on the stores tasks. So today when I came in, still not liking the fact I was going to work with 'oregon', I found that he was written up. Ah it was like X-mas had come early. I have a new found faith in the world that proves that assholes really do get pinched.
But I walk away feeling a bit out of sorts. Should I be happy that he is steps away from being fired? Is it right to laugh privately at one's misfortune? I guess it's not, but hey I needed a good laugh.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

1:24AM - So this is what its like to write while under the influenece?.....

Well I had a great time tonight at the club BIG EASY. I thought the line to get in was total bullshit, making us wait almost half an hour, but when I got in it was pretty cool.
I met up with my friends Karen, and Becky as soon as I entered. It appeared that Becky drank elsewhere, so I had to play catch up. My total wa 3 shots of Taquila and 2 heinekens. But I was less drunk than Becky.
Her friend Angel, who shares the same birthday as yours truly, was a bit more lit than the both of us. She is the first person I have ever seen to be cut off from the bar. Poor las was chopped down at the right time. However I don't agree with the company that she keeps. To each her own I guess, but not in my country.
Becky was cool, she dances very well. Actually she dances better drunk than I do buzzed. Which isn't sayin much but I had to give credit where it is due. I figure she got home alright. At first I worried, but she was with my friend Karen. So I know she was ok.
Right now I am working off the alcohol that I consumed, so I'll be damned if spell check be used(Too bad Becky, not gonna check). I tried to clean the kitchen, it's what I do when I'm drunk. Some people hit, others sleep with strangers, I clean. I know I have the wussy drunk behavior, I guess I got it from my mom.....Bummer.
Anyway I had fun tonight, I really liked hanging out with Becky. She is a lot of fun even when she's lit off her ass.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

1:52PM - Today is my Birthday, bow down before me!!

If you've been keeping up with current events, today is my birthday. it is the one time of the year where I can practcally do whatever the hell I want, and it is okay.
It was cool I woke up two minutes before I was offically born. It wasn't on purpose, it was just a coincedence.
Well today is weird, I don't feel any older, but I do feel differant somehow. Not sure on what that feeling is yet. I guess I have to go through today to find out.
Anyway, so far I recived a small representation of Narsil from my friend Karen. It is a replica of the place where Narsil lay in the movie before it was reforged. I thought that was neat to get, even though I don't belive hat presents make a good birthday. To me I feel that having people around to share in the fun is more important. On that its kind of a bummer that my family could not be here to have fun with me today.
I called my brother, and he couldn't make it in from Seattle. My parents live about a thousand miles away, so they obviously can't make it. This will be my first birthday without my family being around. That kind of sucks.

So as I will say to all on this day, I will be excepting presents and spankings, and not in that order.

Monday, July 19, 2004

2:36AM - Just been a day of rest.....

Well the week has come to a close, and I feel better. I had a good day off today. I spent it in classic form just hanging out with no real agenda.
It was cool to just hang out with my friends and do nothing all day. I forgot however that one of the other guys i know wanted to do something, but hey I never heard from him so no big deal, not like I'm going anywhere.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED:KING ARTHUR;Ah yes we found new evidence of the Arthur legend....lets bore the people with our findings. It seems that in all the hurry to crank out another telling of the Knights of the Round Table, they forgot one key element...action, drama, and a whole lot less padding to the script. Don't get me wrong the character development was good. At least with the knights, everyone else was narrowed for time. It just seemed like a rush job, mainly with the charcters and their sorted interactions. Like Guinevere and Lancelot, it started to show that they liked each other, but it was quickly ignored. They threw up a half assed version of how Arthur obtained EXCALIBUR, no lady o' the lake, no merlin. Oh yeah in this story Merlin is seen as a villain who is trying to take back the Britain's from the Romans....what the hell are the Romans doing here is the next boggle!?! Just because the story is set back in the early hundreds, we are to assume that Arthur and the knights are dealing with the Roman empire. What's next we find new evidence that showed Arthur traveled through Transylvania, so we can put fucking Dracula in the mix?
I do have to say the whole THREE fight scenes were pretty cool, except for what I'll call LET DOWN: ON ICE. But hey all in all its Jerry, and Clive, and Keira(Hitting people, firing arrows at people, and generally being a bad ass). So I have to like on some level.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


So today was Akumas' first trip to the vet. Also it was his first time outside since I received him a week ago. Well the usual problems of putting a cat in a box, then going ANYWHERE occurred. He yowled as soon as I put the car in gear to back out of the driveway.
So we head down the road a bit headin to his check up, when suddenly, out of nowhere a teenage girl and her boyfriend come swinging into my lane. I swerve quickly to the left trying to avoid a collision. But alas, I was not fast enough, and once again Bullseye(The car) lived up to her name.
My back panel got dinged which completes the scrape that already exists along the right side of the car. I slowed down and let the girl get along side me, where I motioned her to the side of the road. Conveniently there was a sheriff right at the bank where we stopped. Also another guy who saw the whole thing left me his number. It couldn't of been better for me at the time.
Unfortuntely I forgot to check on Akuma, who during the confusion, wrapped his collar around his neck. When I got back to him minutes later he had managed to drool almost all the liquid out his little body.
I have to say I haven't been that scared in such a long time. I thought of a few minutes that he was worse of than he actually was. I couldn't say sorry to him enough for leaving him unattended for those few minutes, also not checking to see i he was yowling about something other then the box he was in.
Good news however, Akuma is alive and well. He weighs 2 pounds, and is in good health. On another note he also appears to be blaming me for the whole days occurances. He keeps giving me this look of either 'how could you' or 'you bastard'. Anyway the day was eventful, and as I said to my friend,"I'm gonna need a day off from my day off."

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I just heard a D.J. talking about CATWOMAN which opens(unfortunately) in theaters later on this month. she has pointed out some of the genius dialog that the unsuspecting masses will be subjected to....wanna hear it, hear it go.

So you must be Catwoman?
Then that means it's game

I am, and I guess we're
going into 'over' time.

GOD help us....

Monday, July 12, 2004

11:01PM - Oh its been one of those days....

Its the kind of day that starts at 6am, and goes all through the night. Akuma has decided to play with his favorite toy at 6am. That toy being my very own head. His favortite activity is to nibble to the point of causing pain. Mainly sticking to the ear loab, and staying there till my dream of me and Shania Twain alone in the mountains is shattered.
Now onto my day at work, where it seems that the assistant manager has taken it upon himself to be a lazy fuck. He has figured in his tiny mind that if he sits back and leaves all the work for me, then it is ok. He can't be anymore wrong with that retarded way of thinking! Not only did he ignore customers, he left mot of the shipment of DVD's to me. To answer your question....HELL YES I LET HIM KNOW THIS DON'T FLY!! Basically I guilt tripped his sorry ass by showing him all that I did in three hours, compared to his nine.
However, that arrogant son of a bitch left trash detail to me at the end of the night. I guess he doesn't want to get his chubby digits dirty, boo-fucking-hoo! That's the job cock bite either get on board or get of the fucking bus!
Anyway I came home from that ordeal to hang out with my friends, and the cat. Akuma at the moment is taking time out after clawing up Nick's back. Nick was playing by tossing Akuma very lightly onto the couch. When Nick turned his back, Akuma jumped full speed, and claws extended. If Akuma keeps it up he'll be spending another night in the bathroom.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED: TOO MANY TRAILERS; Their like my crack. New trailers have been popping up all over the movie sites. Mainly I am freebasing RESIDENT EVIL:APOCALYPSE, BLADE:TRINITY, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, and METAL-GEAR SOLID 3. Am I going to stop anytime soon.....FUCK NO AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! Actually I'm feeling the shakes right now...been a few hours since I've seen any of them. They are promising to be kick ass movies for the sumer/fall set of films/game. Nick and I hope that the trailers don't pull a BAD BOYS, and give us crap at the box-office. I am confident at the moment on what I've seen, and am looking forward to seeing them in their entirety.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

5:04PM - So I have a cat....

Well first off I'd like to say that I had a fun evening last night hanging out with Becky. It was cool to B.S., and watch Ju-On till all hours of the morning. Never knew just how weird the two of us can get, but it was fun to see her like that.

Anyway to the title of the entry. I have just been given a little grey kitten from my friend Karen. She brought him home and plopped him in my lap. For the first two minutes he was very cute, then his true nature came out. He met Cooper(The dog), and apparently my cat hates dogs. He hiked up his back, fur went out, claws extended, and he gave me a look that chilled my blood.
Now I know that the cat is all of seven or eight inches, and could only leave a few scratches on my body. But he was freaking out no more than three inches from me. This made me a bit nervous. I moved very slowly away from his reach, all the while he was growling and spitting in my general direction. It took about five minutes to be able to get close to im without being clawed at. I felt really bad making his first few minutes in the house very traumatic.
He did eventually calm down to the point where he could be approached, and he then went exploring. We have discovered two things so far. One, the cat has the ability to teleport. He literally went from one end of the room to the other in a blink. Two, he hates pandas. Nick and Karen have panda plushies in the room I'm staying in. Kurt(the name that might stick;Kurt Wagner or Night-Crawler aka the little demon) found the plushie panda and stared to hiss, spit, and claw at it.
Over all the is very cool, and I like him a lot. We'll just have to see if he tries to kill anyone in their sleep.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED:JU-ON; This little import from Japan has all the refinments of a good horror movie. Scary, dirty settings, tension that you can cut with a knife, little zombie kids that sound like Kurt, and have their jaws removed, the works. The film itself was a differant kind of scary. it had almost a primal fear to it. I wasn;t sure when or how the evil was going to strike. Especially when said evil wads standing next to its victim. I was always waiting for a lunge or screaming, but I got none of that, and that is where the fear came from. I am unhappy to know that a remake is coming to America starring Sarah Michelle Geller. Now I like Buffy and all but this kind of film will be ruined by America. The horror will go from cerebral to in your face gory action. Hopefully that won't happen and American audiences will be just a terrified I as was.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

2:42AM - Oh what a good time i had....

Well the annual "EIGHTEEN DAYS TILL TRAVIS' BIRTHDAY" celebration happened yesterday, or as some call it Independence Day. I had a great time. I got to hang out with my friends and light off explosives...lots of explosives.
I like the Washington grade firework much better then the ones in California. The fireworks here are actually packed with some level of gun powder, and not just phosphorous and magnesium. Even though I like the sparkling fountains, don't get me wrong. But if I can feel the concussion blast from a few feet out, then brother that's the firework for me.
As I said I had a great time and I would like to thank my friends once again for the invite. Good times were had, a rocket nearly went up my ass, someone's foot did, I had a ringing in my ears that didn't go away quickly. Yup good times were had.

WHAT I'VE WATCHED: SPIDER-MAN 2; Yes friends Spidey's back, and this time the world of Peter Parker goes ever so dark. rather quickly into this excursion we find that Spider-Man/Peter are not having the best of years. Peter is too drained to handle real life, and his alter ego can't seem to get things right with anything. Too many times in this film I my emotions roller-coastered by watching Pete's depressing life unfold. If he got a moment of happiness it was quickly shattered by his 'Quad-Polar' love interest Mary Jane. She loves him, she loves him not, she loves him, she's marrying someone else? What the hell is her deal? Does she secretly work with Doc Ock to turn Spider-Man evil by ways of sexual frustration? I mean Christ, this girl was more indecisive then Kerry on world issues.
But hey speaking on Ock, hasn't Alfred Molina gone a long way from "Give me the idle, I'll throw you the whip."? He @#$%ing rocked as Doctor Octopus. The man read his comics to be sure, as I think it is a contract thing Sam puts to his actors? Alfred played the demented scientist to a t, as he swung his CGI limbs about at our favorite wall crawler.
One thing I'm waiting for in the next film is for Pete to go on TRL and tell the whole fucking planet that he is Spider-Man. Reason being, that in this film half of the city seems to know, and he's not trying too hard to cover his tracks. I mean come on this guy is wanted by most of the cops in the city, and he just leaves his DNA encrusted suit in the trash. Oh and lets not forget the pointless 'I'm taking off my mask to stop a train' moment. Luckily it was filled with the only honest New Yorkers in the whole area.
When he gets the suit patched up, I hope he leaves a detailed IF FOUND tag on the inside of the mask. This would include of course name, age, address, day time number, closest living relative,etc. etc.

Saturday, July 3, 2004

1:11AM - This town is weird....

I am starting to be scared of this town. I was driving around today to go to work and it's as if a redneck parade wandered in. I actually saw a man in broad daylight sporting a mullet!?! What the hell, this man has balls. If I was back in my old neighborhood, this man would be terrified and ashamed to go into public. This is as it should be damn it.
Then, I ask, hat is the suitable limit to body odor. Do you people like your roobs? Why don't you tell your nasty bohemoths that wearing a holy 'wife beater' and loose fitting open silk shirt doesn't hold in the smell you permeate. Also, since when does walking in the fuckin mall cause a person to sweat that profusely!?! I had a guy stink up my store so bad today, the smell hung out after he left. I'm guessing the smell is its own entity, and want to continue lookin at the porn.
Oh and lets not leave out the rednecks who bring their girlfriends into the store and force them to hang out as they look through said porn titles. I know that it is sometimes okay to do this with your better half, but only when she invites it fellas, not when you gotta a hankerin for boobies that aren't hers. I often wonder how these 'people' find love in the first place outside their own sideshow..uh family.


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