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Well I thought that in the course of my life I have been a witness to most all the painful moments life can bring. I've stood my own in fights both verbal and physical. I watched people die, I've been in rooms with grieving people and not shed a tear. Even thought I've been rejected every way possible. Now I know that the before mentioned things are pretty rough, they are a part of life...It doesn't mean that I have to like it.
This brings me to today. I had plans to spend a part of the evening with someone that I find fascinating. Its been awhile since I've met someone who keeps me on my toes, makes me light up just a little just by seeing her walk into the room. Well like I said we were going to go out on a date this evening. It wasn't going to be anything really serious, just dinner, get to know ya stuff, possibly set up to go out again. This is a process that happens everyday.....except to me.
It was cool, I let her pick where to go. Seeing that I know jack about this town's nice places, I figured it would be fun to see where she would take the evening. Just one tiny problem occurred. She stood me up! It was like one of those moments you see but never want to be a part of, the one where you see a person waiting to see someone or something that never shows. Until today that has never been me. I have had my share of bad dates. But at least the person showed up to make it bad, I never had to handle that task solo.
It was an embarrassment that I wouldn't wish on anyone, I didn't know what to do the whole night. I got to the restaurant early so that she wouldn't have to wait alone too long. I found a nice table, sat down, checked over the menu, then waited...and waited...
The worst part of the evening occurred when I saw her finally show, I saw her car, and felt that little spark I mentioned. I thought after the first few moments she was outside having a cigarette perhaps. But I can only guess at this point she bailed almost immediately after hitting the parking lot. Which continued the period of waiting.
I thought that the waitress was nice, even though she gave me the pity look every time she came to check on me. I know your saying at this point 'call her dumb ass.'. The waitress even suggested that, but I left her number with my phone that was back at the place I'm staying(Whoops Sorry I like to not be disturbed). Not that it mattered when I got back I didn't get so much as a 'sorry' on my cell.

Now I could sit back and let this roll off my back as I do most things. But today I'm gonna sit on it for a bit. This was a fucked up situation that I didn't deserve. I am left with the thought of,"If you didn't want to go in the first place then just fucking say so, don't let me feel good about this only to dash me.". I was actually excited to go out with her. I even got over the usual fear that creeps into my head when something like this happens. I trusted her....
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